Convect Air Heaters

Wayne-White is no longer offering Convect Air Heaters for sale to our members.  We DO NOT  sell them any more for the simple fact that electric resistance heat (in any amount) is not efficient heat.  Buying electricity from any Cooperative or Power Company is no longer "the more you buy, the cheaper it is."  Those days are gone.   The emphasis today is on energy efficiency.  We also don't recommend that you purchase or use any type of resistant electric heater, including the infared light bulb heaters.  they are not efficient.

Instead,  we encourage all homeowners to consider a Dual-Fuel Air Source Heat Pump (with gas back-up) which will provide both heating & cooling for your home.  We offer an incentive rebate check of $2,500 on the purchase of a dual fuel heat pump that is 16SEER or greater (14SEER or greater in mobile homes/doublewides) to replace your electric resistance furnace or eletric baseboard heat.

Another great option for heat is a geothermal system that also provides both your heating & your cooling in one unit and also lowers the cost of hot water for your home as well.  There are also incentive rebate checks available for installation of Geothermal as well.  Visit our REBATE PAGE for complete details.  If you are still searching for a Convect Air Heater, they sell them on AMAZON at this link.

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