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Don't let lightning knock your lights off or ruin your electronic appliances!


Every year, billions of dollars are lost because of lightning and power surges.  If you want to save the investments you have in your home electronics, call Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative at 842-2196 or stop by our office.  We have a surge protection system for your home.  Say "Good bye" to surges with our residential surge protection system.  There are three models and applications to choose from to meet your surge protection needs.  We have a meter-mounted surge protection unit (above left) which protects against surges coming in through electric lines.  While we believe it is one of the best protection units on the market, nothing is 100% effective and certainly lightning strikes can enter your home through coax cable from your satellite or antennae and also through telephone line, but this TESCO unit is very helpful for surges that roll through power lines.  We also sell point-of use units in two different models designed to protect against surges that may enter your home through a phone line or coaxial cable.  All of the units have a 10-year manufacturers warranty from TESCO.  The meter based unit can be rented for as little as $6.99 a month, or purchased & installed outright for $203.00 total. This would also include us maintaining it for the ten-year warranty period. 

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