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Live Line Demonstration

Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative, Tri-County Electric and Clay County Electric have entered into a joint venture to bring the public a live electric line display. This demonstration is designed to educate people on the hazards that are associated with high voltage lines. Spectators will walk away with a new respect for electricity and knowledge of how to protect themselves from injury or death.

This is an eye opening safety program for schools, fire departments, farm safety or any organization interested in promoting safety. The audience will see first hand what happens when trees fall through lines, balloons make contact with switch gear, and high voltage wires are downed on automobiles.

The crew will effectively demonstrate what happens when an individual comes into contact with 7200 volts of electricity, which usually proves fatal.  This display is constructed with the same transformers, line breakers and hardware used by Wayne-White

Live Line Safety Demonstrations are available for schools, organizations, special events, etc. Call the Cooperative office to schedule a safety education presentation at (618) 842-2196. Subject to availability.

Enjoy the (8) Video Highlight Segments below.  Watch them here, or watch on YouTube.

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