Proper Pruning Techniques

Proper Pruning Techniques

Wayne-White Utility Arborists are well trained in proper pruning techniques that follow the OSHA Regulations, ANSI Standards, and the Illinois state laws.  Our goal at WWCEC is to prune the tree in a manner that redirects the growth away from the power lines....this is called "directional pruning."  When we prune the tree, we complete what we call a 4-year cycle prune.  This means that the tree should remain clear of the line until we return in 4 years to prune the tree again.  Following are some examples of directional pruning:

Proper Pruning Techniques 1


Proper Pruning Techniques 2

** Note.  Trees that need to be pruned before the 4-year cycle passes are called "cyclebusters" which are addressed in the tree removal incentives.

Certified Arborist  Wayne-White has in-house crews of Certified Arborists & Utility Arborists that provide daily vegetation management along the right-of-way of our 3000+ miles of energized lines.  For more information, call 842-2196.

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