Mobile Home Energy Tips


Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative wants to help you to use energy more efficiently in your mobile home.  Consider these tips:

  • Be sure windows fit tightly. If they are the jalousie type, make sure each panel closes tightly. Generally, locking all types of windows assures a tight close.
  • Consider additional inside storm windows. They can usually be purchased form local dealers, or you can fashion them from four or six mil thick clear polyethylene (plastic), available at hardware stores and home improvement centers. Be sure the weather-stripping is in good condition.
  • Be sure storm doors are working properly and seal tightly. Weather-stripping should be kept in good working order and replaced, if necessary.
  • Caulk around all windows and doors as necessary to prevent heat loss. Don’t forget other openings such as around outside faucets, electrical connections, etc.
  • Consider installing a vestibule (enclosed entryway) at the main entrance. This will greatly cut down on the amount of heat loss when entering and exiting the mobile home.
  • Be sure to have all skirting in place around your home before winter. A good idea is to add insulation to the floor for extra protection.
  • Be sure to insulate all heating ducts that could be exposed under your home.
  • Consider adding a sloped roof and additional insulation to the top of your home.

Other Energy Considerations:

  • Heat tape - make sure it has a thermostat. If it has been in use for many years, consider installing a newer, more efficient one.
  • Make sure heat tape is unplugged from April to November. This insures that it will not run during the months it is not needed
  • Keep furniture away from registers of baseboard units. Proper heat flow is required for efficient operations.

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