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We encourage you to click this link for the Cooperative Action Network ( and send a message to the EPA to express your concern over a proposed new rule which would make it virtually impossible for coal to be used as a fuel source for new power plants.  If implemented, this could drive up electricity costs and have devastating effects on the economy.  A grassroots effort from the public is critical in keeping power costs affordable in the future for all of us  The website to respond to the EPA is


All member/customers of Wayne-White Electric Cooperative can now view and pay their electric bill onlineSimply Click The Button above. If you are a new user to this new system, you must begin by Registering Your Account. You will be prompted to register by providing your account number, valid email address. last name and creating a password. We know you will appreciate this feature. WE READ YOUR METER ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH. You will usually receive your bill around the 6th of each month and the due date is now the 15th each month(unless that falls on the weekend).  Have a question about the monthly "Service Availability" charge?  CLICK HERE for details.


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